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Anxiety/Phobias, Self-Esteem, Divorce (Impact on Child), ADHD/ADD, Bullying, Mood Disorders, Coping Strategies, Anger, Grief, Trauma


Anxiety/Phobias, Depression, Perfectionism, Self-Esteem, ADHD/ADD, Bullying, Divorce (Impact on Teen), Coping Strategies, Anger, Grief, Self-harm, Trauma


Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Parenting,

Self-Esteem, Stress, Anger, Life Balance


Mindfulness Based Therapy

“Mindfulness is about training yourself to pay attention in a specific way. When a person is mindful, they:

Focus on the present moment

Try not to think about anything that went on in the past or that might be coming up in future

Purposefully concentrate on what’s happening around them

Try not to be judgemental about anything they notice, or label things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.”

Play Based Therapy

In the textbook Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship (2nd ed.), Landreth (2002) defined child-centered play therapy:

A dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child (or person of any age) and a therapist trained in play therapy procedures who provides selected play materials and facilitates the development of a safe relationship for the child (or person of any age) to fully express and explore self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors) through play, the child's natural medium of communication, for optimal growth and development (16).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. It is used to help treat a wide range of issues in a person’s life, from sleeping difficulties or relationship problems, to drug and alcohol abuse or anxiety and depression. CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior by focusing on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that are held (a person’s cognitive processes) and how these processes relate to the way a person behaves, as a way of dealing with emotional problems.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy


"Reiki is a spiritual healing art. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. The session is performed by a Reiki Practitioner (RP or RMT) using specific Reiki hand positions. During a Reiki session, the client is fully clothed while comfortably reclining on a massage table or seated in a chair."

"A Reiki session may help ease tension and stress and may help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is most often utilized for one’s own personal wellness."

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